Value Watch

For 2017, we expect buyers to seek good markets with growth potential. We rate values for quality markets with decent operations as "good." The overall market for community newspaper companies has stabilized. Multiples are obviously not at the heights of the late 1990s, however, conditions have improved over the past several years. In today's market, there is less "general" approach, and more digging by buyers into the specifics of each newspaper market. Of course, the vitality of the community is critical. Growing markets (non-suburban) and some resort areas are gaining the most attention. Probably the best news currently is the increase in active buyers. There now exists a new element on the buying side that is helping drive selected values. There is money looking for the right opportunities. Interest rates, while up a tick, remain at very low levels. Today's low rates now are adding urgency for some buyers. And buyers are looking for untapped potential in markets, both print and digital. They want to see a listing doing well, but with opportunity for improvement. Call us today for a confidential conversation regarding where your company fits in the value picture.